My vr3 is dead, long live my vr3!

I killed it. after dropping it for the 17 th time and then stepping on it hard I smashed the heck out of my cig-lighter vr3 mp3 player with fm transmit I talked about several months ago. So in a search for another mp3 player before I simply buy another one of the vr3's I discovered another.... vr3! it's white to take on the marketing hype of the ipod, and looks like most of the tiny mp3 players out there....

it actually does very well, it has a fm transmitter in it as well and if you cut the headphones off the cord makes a great antenna and really reduces the battery consumption rate. I can get 12 hours of playback from 1 AAA battery. I simply hang it around the rearview as the wierd headphones that come with it is more of a lanyard than headphones and cutting off the earbuds as I mentioned above makes it more manageable.

128meg is not a lot. but with podcasts I have more than 5 hours of them on it in that 128 meg so it works great for me.

as a podcast listening device, it's great and dirt cheap.. walmart has them for $35.00


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