Gaming and Doom 3 and geo observations

I'm not big on gaming, I have a Gamecube a PS2 and buy/play a few games on the PC. I prefer paying against friends and relatives over the single player modes of games.

But, this week I finally bought Doom 3, ok mostly it was because of the fact I did not have a decent video card to play it and finally got my hands on a Geforce FX6600. I like the game, it brings me back to how doom made you feel the first time you saw it. But, it needs a modification... the duct tape mod. and unfortunately it does not work without modification. if you patch doom to the current level the ducttape mod will not work as sent you need to re-name it from the 004 numbering to 008 to get it to work. It seems that the creator has abandoned it, so it was only by scowering the net and then deciding to start screwing around was I able to get it to work. Hopefully this post will help others in getting the ducttape flashlight mod to work as it really does make the game more enjoyable.

The Geo is running fantastically after the changes as of Friday. we drove to the nearest city (45 miles) taking a friend and her daughter home. it ran very well and seemd at first to have a bit more "umph" when passing or taking off from a stop. This was with 4 people in the car and the trunk completely full of luggage and items. The new goodyear belts work better than the "middle of the road" crap that I had on there. I lave less belt tension and they do not squeal. I'm expecting to need to tighten them a bit more when I hit the 1000 mile mark. The old oil was very clean looking when I changed it, dipping a finger in the oil came up with a clear but dark amber oil coating, there was some suspended solids in the oil but not much, the origional cheapie oil and detergent additive I put in were a very dark amber to begin with. This should have given the engine a nice cleaning. A bit of a suprise, adding the trunk lighting was as easy as getting the lamp and switch and simply snapping them in place. from what I can tell all wiring is already there. I am starting to wonder if the car's ECU/computer has the software for the rare cruise control option and air conditioning. I have the AIR parts from the crashed car, It probably needs a new compressor and front radiator and would completely KILL the gas mileage but at times it's a real PITA to drive with the windows down at 75mph. Overall I put on 139 miles saturday and the gas has not dropped below 3/4 on the dash indicator. this seems to be better mileage and it's first taste at an extended highway run at 75-80mph for about 40 minutes, so it may simply be the highway fuel mileage difference.

Note: if you ever try to change out the rear seating, get new 10mm bolts to replace the screws... you WILL destroy the screws getting them out. Seems that theyput in the brackets when the paint is still soft so it creates a "locktite" bond that forces you to destroy the screws getting them out.


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