Committing Career Suicide

There comes a time in your life that you need to make really hard decisions. and this one feels like one of rthe hardest I have ever had to make.

I can not afford my promotion. After fighting to find a home near Southfield so I can move for my new job I am discovering that I am setting myself up for financial ruin and other nasty problems. This decision is a hard one, on one hand I love my new job, I have the best managers on this planet, and the Director of Operations I get to work with on a daily basis is one of the greatest guys I have ever met. The job is challenging and does have some downsides but is outweighed by the upsides and the great people I work with.

That is what makes this decision so hard, I have had really good friends put themselves on the line and reccomend me personally for this job. I also have made a professional promise to the company that I will do my best and do what it takes. Unfortunately it seems that I can not do what it takes with the salary they are offering me in that location. You see the cost of living in the south part of the state is close to 2 times that of where I live now. I have to sell my 1350 sq foot home in a really nice neighborhood that is in near perfect condition and has a new $25,000.00 deck on the back and spend 1.5 times that for a house 1/2 the size, needs another $30,000.00 in repairs and updates with no deck or garage but in a nice neighborhood. Along with that we leave behind the entire support network I had set up for my daughter.. so if an emergency were to arise, I am at minimum 40 minutes away. Right now someone is within 5 minutes from helping her if she needs it.

So I am forced to look at committing career suicide. Asking to be demoted back to my old position will be it for me. and I am betting that the position will only last 6 months before they find a reason to "eliminate" it. Nobody in business likes someone that puts family before business and those that do are punished. So I sit here trying to decide if I put my family at risk, move them to keep working in my new position and slowly spiral into financial oblivion with a house that will bleed me to death and force us to live like I did when I only made barely enough to afford rent on a piece of crap trailer? Or do I stand up, make the feeble attempt at asking for more money and then after they say no to that, ask if I can get demoted back to my origional position...

I know corperate life, I watch it daily from my cubicle. Employees are as expendable as the paper towel in the washroom.
So I sit here, with a stomache that has been bugging me for weeks, my mind telling me the logic in my thinking, and the monkey on my back called a Career that right now is threatening my family.

now only if I had a time machine to send myself a note 4 months ago.


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