Sour grapes of Podcasts

Ok, the title sounds pretty down, but I am getting SICK of podcasts that the creator can not be bothered to make sure that the audio levels are decent or they cant be bothered to go and get a $12.95 Sure highball microphone and make the podcast sound decent. most of the time they are too quiet compared to the music they use, no compression (audio not file) no RIAA Eq settings (the GOOD RIAA not the BAD RIAA that sues people...) and they certianly do not take an extra 5-10 minutes to make sure that their audio is decent.

Come on people, if Leo Laporte can do it then anyone can! (Note, leo can't all the time. his last podcast (end of june 2005) stunk in audio quality but was still hugely better than most others out there.)

Having said that, here is my list of favorite Podcasts I listen to regularly...

2600 - Hacker quarterly, off the hook, and off the wall radio shows.

The Leo Laporte radio show called TWIT (This week in Tech) Yeah, I was one of those guys that like Screen Savers

NASA Science Feature Podcast

and several NPR feeds that are free (why are they not ALL free? we as taxpayers paid for them!)

and a new one I just picked up on, Binary Revolution Radio... it seems ok and they do not act like immature children trying to look cool swearing every 5 minutes like other old-washed up VJ's from mtv seem to do.

I am looking for some other good podcasts, so Let me know if you have any and I will be glad to audition them and list them here. I will be attempting to create my own podcast soon, I am not sure what the topic will be, probably publically recorded concerts.... you know the people that are playing in open air free public concerts at different celtic festivals and other festivals that are on public streets? I also have a long drive in the morning that can be put to a good use recording the audio of a podcast..... i just need to figure out about what.... something that people will be interested in and not some inane ramblings... Doh!