Finally getting off my but and producing a podcast

Ok, I have been bing into podcasting ever cince it started, I have helped many MANY others get going in broadcasting their own podcasts I just never was able to get around to making my own. I have big plans for one, Hell I have the gear for it having an entire audio suite for recording audio for vidoe projects as well as music. I just keep coming up with excuses not to. I used to be big in radio, I was a DJ for a couple of years back in high school and really liked it.. I had dreams of having my own radio show and having the glamour and excitement that came with being a radio personality... Ok, I was 13 and did not know any better.

anyways, I finally decided to start one. It will be a weekly podcast uploaded on thursday nights and will feature drivel that you typically read here. I also will feature a indie music selection from a creative commons artist or other artist that releases to me the right to play/broadcast the song on my podcast each week. the style will range from wierd to metal to whatever... hey you can skip it.

I apologize right now for the quality of the first podcasts... i am sure they will suck. but I promise that I will get better at them. Some may be recorded "live" on my drive home or to work, others will be recorded in the studio and I HOPE to have at least one technical tidbit available..

So here it is... .the RSS feed....

let me know what you think, and if you have a question you want asked on the podcast sent me an email or even an mp3 of your voice asking the question.

yeah, yeah... I know... the world needs another podcast like it needs more terrorists...