The fun of buying a home....

Oh joy. We found a house in brighton, we settled on a price and I now start the nightmare/stress generator that is trying to finalize things.

The mortgage company set a closing date around Sep 7... I have not even sold my house yet! Granted now after some saving and selling of things, we may be able to get some cast so I do not need as much from my current home, but the realtor is still taking over 50% of the equity. somehow I got suckered at letting her sell with her getting 7.5% commission. oh yay I get the realtor that thinks she is worth more than everyone else... I will agree if she sells my home for the asking price, but she is acting like I need to sell it for MUCH less basically to the point where I need to pay to sell my house.... I.E. negative equity. Um no thanks, that will not happen. and I need to figure out what I need to do to if I need to get out from under her "contract".

She is supposed to be the "best" realtor in these parts. it's crunch time, my house is fantastic looking and shows better than almost every house I have looked at for nearly twice the price. nothing like feeling the pressure.

I apologize for not getting the podcast up, it is recorded, and I am attempting to edit it so it does not souns so crappy. The headphone microphone I used sucked in audio when plugged into the minidisc recorder. I guess it needs more than the 1.5 volts the recorder supplies. so I am busy trying to fix the audio, getting depressed that I sound like a moron, but keep telling myself that this is my forst broadcast in over 18 years, I'm going ot sound like a newbie for a little while.

Anyways. I'm in search of an archos jukebox recorder 20. that seems to be the best choice for remote podcast recording.... now to find a used one that is not too beat up.

I promise to get the podcast up this weekend.... really I do!


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