end of the GEO project and Camping

After long grueling weeks of this project, the Engine and transmission are finally mated and installed in the GEO. the last step in this project is hooking up all the wires, hoses and connections, adding a high end synthetic manual transmission oil, install the composite headlights from the donor car as well as it's bumpers (we had to destroy the current bumper to remove it because of corroded screws) and mate the good parts of the exaust system together. I have my carchip programmed for resetting the computer and clearing all trouble codes.

I made some modifications, the newer car had lighter pullys on the crankshaft as well as the power steering, so I chose to use those instead of the heavier cast iron and balanced pullys from the 1996 engine. I figure the massive weight on the flywheel will smooth things out enough. The new clutch and pressure plate should make shifting a bit different for a while.

The final steps before I shove the donor car to the junkyard is to gut the interior and put the newer seats in the current car as well as grab the dash trim plates (and the rear defog button for use as a foglight power switch)

overall this was not THAT hard of a project.. if the chiltons manual was actually accurate then things would have went much smoother.

Notes on camping in ludington, MI. first off, do NOT buy anything from the BP gas station just off the highway entering ludington on the way to tthe state park, they basically robbed me by selling me the firewood for more than the listed price. Some lie about how it's more expensive to buy 2 bundles than 1 was mumbled at me. so I filed a warning with the Good SAM camping/Motorhome association about the place as well as posting here and notified the BP corperate headquarters that stopping at that gas station is to be avoided.

If they break state law and pull underhanded tactics like that on the firewood what do you think they will try to pull on you for other items?

Ludington state park needs more geocaches. Most of them were great but there is a HUGE amount of hiking trails that are screaming out for a geocache to be planted. I hope that someone starts planting more, and/or I need to plop one of my own out there on the trails.

UPDATE: I discovered a great antivirus program that makes all the rest look like junk.

ClamWin is a open source antivirus scanner that was origionally written for linux/bsd/unix so it could scan samba shares for viruses on file servers. someone got a clever idea and ported it to windows and added a gooey.. the result is an anti-virus program that is 100% free, and certianly better than anything you can buy. the performance hit on my gaming machine is 1/5th that of Norton and 1/2 that of antivir.