chiltons manuals suck

Ok, so I am readying the engine for installation to the car, I replaced the oil pan gasket and discover... YAY the chiltons manual specification for torque on the bolts is so WRONG that it can not be a typo.

They expect you to torque the 6M bolts around the oil pan to 95Footpounds. Really? they break at 18 Footpounds and a special one made of hardened steel that will not break strips out the holes threads from the aluminum block at 36 footpounds.

so I have to REDO the entire thing again after tapping out 2 bolt holes. Thanks Chiltons for the bad information that causes damage. Moral of the story... Unless it is hardened steel going into steel and LARGE do not believe their torque specifications in ANY of their manuals. I strongly suggest getting the real maintaince manual and skipping the wothless aftermarket repair manuals that have become a great way to destroy your car based on their mis-information.

I should have been tipped off because they wanted 90 foot pounds of torque on the bolts holding the plastic cover for the timing belt. If the bolts would have held, they would have completely CRUSHED the plastic.

So Chiltons manuals, espically about the Geo Metro should be considered worthless and full of dangerous mis-information.


  1. Oh yes; just check out Chiltons instructions for the CV shaft.(on the GEO Metro)Had the tecnical writer ever bothered to get under a car he may have noticed that the passenger side shaft has a carrier bearing which must be unbolted in order extricate the assembly. No real problem doing this but nowhere in the manual is any hint of how to remove the aforementioned bearing without doing it major damage.
    The publisher uses pages of 'filler material' describing in lurid detail how to clean battery terminals or change a lightbulb that is repeated in every handbook; but the important details of common keep the car going for another year jobs are often sadly lscking.


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