AMD processors HURT!

Ok, let me start off with my first tip on computers...

if you get a new AMD athlon XP 3000+ processor for your el-cheapo gaming cube pc, and then stupidly have a power connector stop the fan so it overheats... DO NOT touch the processor heat sink. I have nice 2nd degree burns on the tip of 2 fingers. It took 2 cans of computer dusting air turned upside down to cool off the processor and heat sink to a point where it was not insanely hot. Luckily nothing was damaged. It seems that the heat sink was able to keep the temperature from getting near the "processor dead" tempreature point. Right now running a processor stability and torture testing program as well as being overclocked minimally to the equlivant of a 3200+ I'm staying at the 44 degC mark in the tiny asus aria case. Let's see if it stays that way all day. BTW, tea tree oil in a burn cream works GREAT. the pain is low enough for me to type carefully on the fingers, and I might not blister.

Summer came here with a vengance... 85+ degree temperatures with 80+%humidity for the past 14 days... oh and no rain. so my lawn is officially toasted. Great, a nice brown loawn for the house buyers to look at.

finally, the family is going on a 3 day camping trip in northern michigan. I will post reports here as well as photos if I can take the time to figure out how to upload a photo to


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