Life, insanity, loss and stress

Hey, I got promoted. I have accepted the promotion and will start working out of the Detroit office. This means moving, the family is all for it, but the prices on realestate in the detroit area are horribly unrealistic and bordering on just plain nuts. A craphole in the Slums is $150,000.00 a TINY old dump in a decent neighborhood is $250K+ yet businesses refuse to pay people $100-500K a year so they can afford something silly like housing... Rent is insane also usually arond $1700.00 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment in the cheap apartments. Now I feel screwed. I am happy for the opportunity, but now I have to significantly lower my family's lifestyle and live in the getto in order to afford a home. Holy crap, what a nice backfire, here's a promotion and what you think is a nice raise but where you have to live the rich assholes have driven the prices of homes past sane levels to try and make sure that lowly under $80K a year pondscum can not live in a home. Am I cynical? yes. Now I have to decide to live 1.5 to almost 2 hours away and pretty much never see my family simply so I can afford a home. I guess my "promotion" is more of a demotion.... add to that the realtor here wants to sell my current home for peanuts so that I will get maybe $4000.00 out of equity before taxes and fees. Yay... I get to give away my house too!

Oh let's top things off, at work it was a great day and we all went to go see "Star Wars III" and had a blast until I discovered that my $500.00 PDA was missing as well as the 1 gig thumb drive that was in it's case. and of course no suprise to me, the theatre people did not find it. Great, just fricking great. No good deed goes un-punished so I guess it was my time to be punished big time by God and the rest of the fricking world.

Needless to say all of this is stressing me to no end, I am betting that they will not demote me back down so I either have to keep the promotion or look for another job. People give me advice who live down there but ther is no way in hell that I can afford anything even CLOSE to 150K and all they suggest is 200K+ areas.

In otherwords... I feel utterly and totally screwed.

Hey tim! you're great have a promotion! oh By the way, you need to live in a cardboard box.... Thanks... thanks a whole lot. The sad part is that this is a typical tone to my life. I NEVER get the leg up and always end up shafted.

time to suck it up and act like I enjoy it again.


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