Joys of Electronics and Cars

I FINALLY finished my circuit board design of the temperature conversion board for my home auotmation system. I have built 4 prototypes on perf board and DIP parts to test the things and they work great. So I decided to make a few commercial quality ones and designed it for all Suprace mount parts and a double sided board to have made. i am awaiting the 14-20 days for my two "proto" first runs to show up so I can test them to be 100% sure my design is working and good to go. it will be wierd, I will have 2 real versions of my board that will look like they were made in a factory with real silk screening. I am hoping I can sell these things for $12.00 each as a kit if you like to solder and $20.00 each built and tested with a 90 day warrenty, $25.00 with a 5 year warrenty. Granted I based them around the leopard / ocelot home automation system. but they would work for anything that can read a 0-5 volt signal... (Basically if 0 = 0 and 5volts = 255 then the reading you get divided by 2 and minus the accuracy offset will result in your tempreature. at home a reading of 150 = 72Deg F as I have a 6 degree offset on my lm34 temperature sensors.)

is it extreme accuracy? not a chance. i'm not interested in that and anyone doing home automation certianly is not. you do not make decisions to turn on a fan if the temperature drops below 76.312 degrees.

each of the boards will convert 2 sensors and it uses any power supply from 8-12 volts AC or DC and I was even able to put a nice little LED on the board to let you know that the power is on.

I do wonder how saleable they are. Adicon people would get 2 temperature sensors per board (if you buy the lm34's and plug them in, all I'm selling is the conversion boards.)

The engine swap with the Geo is going well.... kinda.... It's a ROYAL bitch to yank an engin out of one of these cars. The Chiltons manual is 100% useless in it's proceedure on how to remove the engine. they fail to mention that you haveto remove the exaust, right front wheel asswmbly and drive axle in order to remove with a BOX END wrench the lower engine mounting bolt.

Oh and if you question the alternator, you need to buy a new one when you change the engine. you CAN NOT get the alternator out without pulling the drive axle and exaust system.


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