electronics and CARS part 2

I'm on a roll here.

My Temperature board was accepted at the board house and I will recieve my first manufacturered boards in 3 weeks. Then I can order them at 1/2 price!

Also in a fit of brainstorming and my decision to finally use one of these microchip PIC's I have been collecting over the past 3 years.. I built yet another "cool" gadget for my home automation system. a 4 line LCD status display wall module. it uses a 4line 20 character LCD that can be had for dirt on ebay, a 16f84a and barely any electronics to interface to my Ocelot from ADI to display things in the bedroom or at the hot-tub or garage without spending a crapload for a leopard display touchpanel.

I'm thinking of refining the design to the point that I could sell them for around $50.00 each.

GEO metro project is going well. I am goingto make a air scoop out of fiberglass and mount it to the front of the passenger side fender where the GEO's air intake box is. this will give me a "ram air intake and cooler air. If this produces more horsepower then it will also produce higher gas mileage when driven "sanely" this will be a really easy modification to the GEO that leaves the under hood air system intact and unmodified and couple it with a high flow air cleaner element. I am also going to look at running a controlled test and watch fuel mileage carefully comparing the savings compared to regular oil and Mobil 1 synthetic over a 3000 mile oil change period. this should tell me if the mobil 1 will save any fuel. Finally, I may have an answer on the smaller pully modification I siggested earlier. the saving will be minimal cince the GEO has a 50amp Alternator and reducing it's rotation speed to save horsepower will only save maybe .25 mpg. disabling the Daytime Running Lights has a bigger effect in saving gas than this and is much easier than having a $300.00 pully made. My initial tests on the overinflation of the tires to simulate the expensive low rolling resistance tires seems to be working. stopping distance is HIGHLY reduced so be warned if you try this. I will have real data in another 3000 miles to see if there is any improvement or if it's not worth it.


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