Solidify the aireo

Ok it is most certianly using Windows CE.NET I Found the following on one of microsoft's webpages...

# Device type: Wireless MP3 player

# Manufacturer: SoniqCast, LLC

# Embedded OS: Windows CE .NET 4.2

# Processor: ARM

# Description: The Aireo product is the world's first portable wireless MP3 player. The player leverages Windows CE .NET to achieve full wireless capability using 802.11B wireless networking. This allows the player to receive new audio content every day automatically and wirelessly without user intervention.

# Key technologies:

So digging into the image will not be too difficult now. i have datasheets coming about the processor and other items in the unit, it may be very possible to completely kick windows CE out of the device and install Linux on it and completely get away from element's software on both the pc and in the device. Again i re-iterate, it is a cool player, I like it alot and I think the player's software is decent, but it could use some refinement. Adding features like using wifi hotspots to grab podcasts will never EVER come out of element, but a linux install will allow this feature as well as listening to a Mp3 shoutcast stream through the wifi interface.

most people could care less about "audible" books, more care about the other free media on the net that this great device could take advantage of and kick the crap out of the ipod.


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