My new addiction

Ok I figured that this "podcasting" was not going to take off as fast as it has. i started with it early on and though it was neat, but the number of podcasts has grown to an insane number. it seems there are thousands of podcasts out there with the numbers growing every minute!

it's funny, my aireo is now almost 40% podcasts now. I find it huge that this is taking over as an awesome replacement to the sattelite radio and regualr FM broadcast to the point that I am looking to buy a couple of the aireo car cradles.

Now if the empeg was not sold to rio and then destroyed this would have been the best thing for it.

I would love a car stereo with 4 gig of storage and wifi to snag the podcasts from my computer at night instead of my aireo and losing the audio wuality with the FM transmitter.

maybe someone will redesign the in car mp3 playing stereo and hopefully market it right this time.