Snow, Cold, Family and Friends.

It's been under 20 degrees F now for over a week, 2 days ago we had 12 inches of snow dumped on us, My step son became homeless and is currently living in my basement because his mother (Whom I am divorced from) does not care enough to help him, and finally friends are bugging myself and Lynne who is getting fed up with friends and the stress of starting college.

Personally, I am running out of ideas on how to motivate my stepson. He is more a Son to me than a stepson, and I care about him as much as a father could. I am putting myself at personal risk by having them live in my home, from the wording and possible problems with my custody of my daughter to the risk that any of the firends or friends' friends may see what I have and decide that my home would be a good source of income.

coupled with the fact that it is costing me an extra $120.00 a week in utilities and food having them there. I am trying my best to help them, nobody else will give them the chance to get on their own feet. anyways, I feel cramped in my own home, money that needs to be spent towards the moving fund and the lack of sleep I get because they are always coming and going through the night are driving me to the edge.

Why do young adults think that staying up until 5 am every night is cool? they tend to have decent choices in friends as far as personality goes, but as giving them encouragement to become better and self sufficient, their friends think that living on others dime is cool instead.

I need to figure out what to say to them to help encourage them to get to school, get jobs no matter what and to get on their own feet. it will make them feel so much better about themselves, give them some real pride and prove to the world that they can do it.

I guess I simply see one of my dreams starting to be compromised again because of my commitment to family. at my salary I will never be able to build my own home let alone my dream home.

and it seems that my dream home is stitting there waiting for me, ready to buy and at a low enough price that it is in my reach, without these extra expenses.....


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