Emergency Room fun!

After a great week of training in Crestron programming. I came home, and spent time with my family. This sunday we had a nice strong thunderstorm come through so my dog was greaking out as usual and I was trying to herd her to the basement, my daughter in her attempt to keep the dog out of her room slammed her door....

My fingers were in the jam of her door as I was trying to regain my balance. She cut 1/2 inch off the end of my middle finger. I can tell you that that is one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. Breaking a leg is far less painful than a smashing and then cutting if a finger right across your fingertip where most of your nerves live.

SO my sunday was spent having it reattached at the emergency room. Yay! I just hope the reattachment takes, there is a chance that it will not and I will end up with a stubby finger. :-( I was so planning on not being maimed in one way or another in my life.