Simple Media Video "production" on your Windows PC.

I have been looking for a tool to take a bunch of canned video and images and display them from a PC in a professional manner for quite a bit of time.   Yes I could have spent thousands on a Tricaster but  I just cant see spending that kind of cash on a hobby that will not pay me back for it.    Today I stumbled on a free/payware setup called Screen Monkey.   This simple app will use a second monitor output as the video output and let you do a mini video production on a screen for a church, concert venue projectors, etc...

The free version does what most people would want,  the pay version is even better from what I can tell.
If you need to do some kind of video presentation and want it to look more professional,  this is your solution without spending thousands of dollars.


  1. An awesome software! If the free version can satisfy a user then, it's a good choice to download and install this video production tool.

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