Resurrection of the In dash PC.

I am utterly appalled at how fragmented and completely useless the "Dash pc" and "automotive pc"  scene is.   It was in it's infancy 9 years ago when I forst got interested in it, and it's at the exact same stage right now.  Nobody has written a Linux OS and frontend that works,  and the few that started a project to do so never got past the "look at my pretty pictures of what I am going to do" mode.

Dashboard computing is still an up and coming technology.  Not fumbling for your phone to get information or to play a podcast or music is still important.  as well as giving you other information such as fuel economy, and even act as an interface to new tech such as vehicle to vehicle communication.  Distance to other vehicles around you, etc...

My problem is that I dont know any software developers that will work on the project.   I can build the hardware,  In fact building a double din car stereo that houses a complete computer with a 7 inch touchscreen is not hard, nor the backend services to gather GPS data and ODB-II data,  those are not hard either.   What is hard for me is writing a GUI that would be "skinnable" and easily used by someone driving.  so it needs to be easy to use without giving it much attention.

Maybe it's time I learned Qt programming...

Nope.  Python all the way.  and It will be based on a rasberry Pi instead of a nano-ITX board.


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