Easy Watermarking in GIMP

http://registry.gimp.org/node/21024  is where you need to go to get a nice SCM that will let you easily do a 1 click watermarking of a photo for posting on the web.   It will completely fill the image with a very light watermark of your text.  Plus you can adjust the opacity of the watermark if you want it to be a bit more visible.

Works like a charm and makes life easier so you don't have your images stolen so quickly.

If you click on the image, you will see it is covered in a light "timothy gray" watermark all over it.   (Ignore my playing around at the bottom with the "your text"  this is not a part of the linked watermarking script.

I increased the opacity to 10% so that it was more visible.  The script sets it at 3% so that it is barely there but still detectable if  you are looking for it.

The nice part is you can make the watermark text as large as you want.   I NEVER post a full res image to the net, so my example at 32pt text is perfect for the 1024 pixel width image.