Converting to Ubuntu: In the end, a failure.

My wife has been happily running Ubuntu linux on her laptop for 2 years now.  She has been able to maintain it her self and even do upgrades.   No she is not a IT expert,  she is a typical office worker.

it all came crashing down 3 months ago when she decided on her own to update her install from 10.10 to one of the current versions that have Unity.   It was 100% successful and she tried very hard to adapt to unity.  but in the end Unity is an epic fail and caused her to ask me to help her shop for a Macbook.

i asked her why, and her response is what I expected.   unity makes things harder to do,  it also made her 2 year old laptop a lot slower,  slower than with it running Windows 7.  she has daily frustrations with trying to find things, files, and programs.    It all came to a head with the latest updates causing the system to fully grind to a halt on a regular basis.

She would have been happy with 10.10 and Gnome 2.x  for a very long time.   But ubuntu is hell bent on forcing people to do things the Ubuntu way.  and Unity is their way.

Thanks ubuntu,  you made an average user turn away from linux because of how the User interface was made harder to use, and the overall User Experience has went down hill.  All for a little bit of eye-candy.

The linux experiment is over,  we are going to move over to OSX for a while.   Maybe when the Ubuntu management pulls their heads out of their bottoms and realizes that people want a stable and fast OS  not a ooh shiny tablet like toy they will get back to a good os.

NOTE:  Fedora is out as they are going Gnome3 and it is just as bad as Ubuntu Unity.   Ubuntu made it easy for a non tech user to use and maintain linux.   I can give her what she wants with Slackware but hat means I have to maintain the system once again.   It has been utter bliss for the past 3 years for me not having to maintain a windows laptop.   I have not had to touch her laptop for ANYTHING in the past 3 years.   no Viruses, no Adware, no Scumware, no fixing a broken windows user profile...  

This is what Linux does for you, and it's a reality.  Maintenance of a linux machine is significantly easier and requires a lot less time and man hours.   It's just too bad it seems that most all linux distro groups implode and do something stupid once they get some steam and start doing things right.   I guess it is self destructive to make sure they don't get too popular.

I dont use linux for one reason,   Video editing.   Everything for linux video editing is complete junk.   I need the caliber of Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects.   not a toy for home movies of my cat.   And that is all that linux offers for the video editing world, toys.

I hope someday someone will make some real video editing suites for linux.


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