Why Ford Motor Company is a failure.....

Ford is a company that survived the economy collapse. The raging stupidity of the Automotive industry in making Canyonero giant trucks that get 2.3mpg, and is still there. But, they are STILL making very dumb decisions that simply underline that they still, as a car company, dont get it.

The Ford Focus RS, a complete FWD sports car from Europe that is an incredible car that would embarrass a corvette in a drag race or even a road race is NOT SOLD IN THE USA. This car would sell well with the younger crowd that want a car that is sporty, usable, and not horribly overpriced. The RS has performance numbers that make it faster than a BMW M5, it's traction control and differential give it superb grip for a FWD car, AND it has a gigantic after-market already built for the car. But this car is missing from the USA website. you cant buy it, they dont want your money, you cant have it.

and that is the single most stupid thing that Ford could ever do.


  1. Have you seen the Euro version of the Ford Ranger? The US/Canadian version is a cheap joke compared to it, although still a great truck.


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