Computers: Get rid of InstallShield update manager.

Some companies claim they know better than you do, you need their software running all the time. InstallShield is one of them. They shoehorn in a "update manager" in to run on bootup to look for updates for your software. most of the time I'll update it when I need to, I typically hate updates as they either remove features, or add new ones that I don't want. I bought version I want version dang nab it!

So in order to get rid of this useless program that is making your pc boot slower... is a link to installshields own FAQ page where they admit to how-to get rid of it and have an uninstaller. DOWNLOAD THE UNINSTALLER ONLY NOT THE OTHER APP.

Get rid of this crud from your computer, and keep the uninstaller around, because the next app you install that is wrapped with installshield will probably re install the dang thing.


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