Search for a CMS that works on Godaddy....

I have been for years trying to find a CMS that would work on Go-daddy decently. Joomla = slow as heck, All the others also do the slow or barely work dance. or typically require a custom install. This means manually maintaining it forever. No thanks.

Well it seems, recently Word Press has become fer more useful with the additions of a set of plug-ins that work around the Go-daddy overloaded and super slow server syndrome. I have 3-5 second page load times on a WP site hosted on a el-cheapo Go-daddy install. Joomla was giving me 15-45 second page load times. This is a GIANT step forward in making websites that don't take most of my life to maintain for customers.

Now to test for a couple of months and start migrating customers over to it.


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