Poor Mans Rich looking Home Theater Part 1: Parts

Moving forward on my home theater. Buying the parts for the build, trying to find the best deals possible. I think I will skip buying a used projector, Epson has a new home theater projector for $1200.00 that is utterly incredible. The screen is a used/surplus ebay screen, MCM electronics speakers, Sound control panels are Lowes/Home Depot fiberglass 2X4 ceiling tiles Wrapped in a very nice light brown burlap.

I was working on a high end lighting system today with a very cool device. Color Kenetics from Phillips... http://www.colorkinetics.com/ These are $500.00 to $3500.00 LED lighting systems that give you color for accent and cove lighting. They look incredibly cool, and in a theater they make your poor man's theater look that much more over the top. I stumbled across on ebay a Poor guys setup. 5Meter long spool of RGB LED strip and a controller that uses IR control this means I can easily have the same effect for $60.00 instead of $590.00 for the base system I was looking at. The ceiling will be rimmed with these LED strips hidden by trim so they have a glow that hit's the ceiling.

My theater size is set. 17' long by 12' wide. I have a 7' tall ceiling so a 92" screen will be perfect. Equipment will be a used ebay Kenwood Soverign surround sound amp and reciever, a XBMC PC, a Roku box for netflix and hulu, and the Xbox360 will be shared between the theater and the gameroom. That all the sources. No BluRay player at all, no reason to have one.

Sound control is going to be easy, Carpet Tile for the carpet, and I will continue it up the wall 3 feet, then a chair molding and the top is the fiberglass panels covered in fabric. The ceiling will be all drop ceiling tiles. cheapies painted black. I'll save nearly $29.00 a tile by doing it myself.

Seating is still up in the air. I'm probably going to go with couches instead of theater seating. I cant justify $2000.00 in specialized seating. The theater needs to be comfortable and easy to clean, not Trendy with glove leather seating. A couple of $399-$499 each cheapie couches or love seats will be enough.

My budget for the theater is very low. $6500.00 total budget. So far I have spent $1100 in gear. I have the Crestron processor, touch-panel, remote, Amp and receiver, Lighting control and lights along with the screen.

hard parts: I need to run 2 110V runs from the breaker panel to the theater. 1 for lighting and 1 for the equipment rack. Luckily I know people that can do this that are experts that will gladly come over and work for beer.

Deciding on doors: Sliding pocket door or single folding door? I cant use a standard door, not enough room and I want to not waste space. Carpet: floor carpet to be black? light brown? checker? I will be laying the waterlock subfloor tiles down that will reduce my headroom by 3/4 of an inch, but it will make the floor a lot warmer.

Decisions Decisions...


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