Why I think Blackberry's are useless for small business...

I have an iPhone, I have had Nokia smartphones, Android phones, Palm phones and yes blackberry's... I have had extensive experience with all of them. Recently work wanted me to have a blackberry. No simply using my iPhone is not an option I need to carry two devices... Ok, fine they are paying the bill....

Every other device that is NOT a blackberry was simple to get set up for email. Took me 10 minutes max and worked with Exchange, IMAP or even good old Pop.... Except for a blackberry... For some reason they try to force you to use their service. and if you use a exchange server in your small < 50 employee business... they want you to buy their $8900.00 exchange app to communicate with their special servers...

After wasting nearly 2 hours getting this set up all I have now is my email forwarded to the blackberry phone and when I respond it comes from my blackberry account. Yay! My iPhone was able to use the exchange server... Android phones work perfectly.. Blackberries... the ONE thing they are designed for? They are utter garbage at.

If you are a small business person dont use blackberry. They will cause you grief and more expenses than giving all your employees iphones.


  1. As a BES admin, I completely agree. Stay away from Blackberry server. Go with Active Sync on iPhone/Droid.


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