The Hackers Android tablet...

I picked one of these up yesterday. bed Bath and Beyond had them on sale for $159.00 + $20.00 rebate. It runs Android 2.0 unlike the others out there, and it's got a 533mhz processor and a SD slot. It's mostly battery so it goes all day, well almost all day.... 5 hours of all the time on use.

The stock form it sucks. the Adobe PDF and ebook reader for Barnes and Noble books is complete junk and laggy. the whole device feels half done and horribly slow. Plus it locked up 3 times in the first hour... Not a good thing.

But, you can easily hack it to get to the underlying android and get past the adobe garbage on top. is the repository of all the current hacking of this device.... has the details, howto and zip file of the goodies needed to hack it.. It still leaves the adobe based junk in there, but allows you to install android apps manually.

If you are a hacker wanting a cheap android tablet to hack on, this is a good buy. If you want a cheap color ebook reader/tablet.... Stay far away from this. it's not stable and it certianly is not worth the price considering how slow and unstable it is. Buy it at the clearance price of $89.00 that it will show up at in 6-8 months.