Google Chrome my new browser

Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux It started with my Ubuntu install at home. Random times that firefox would "go grey" and simply stop responding. I figured it was the fault of flash... Honestly Adobe only half-hearted released flash for linux... nobody really uses linux as far as they are concerned... But it started on my work windows 7 machine. many time Firefox would simply "go out to lunch" and stop responding for a bit then come back. I took another look at chrome and saw that not only do they now have a linux port, but most of my extensions I love on firefox also work for Chrome!

So I switched. I ditched firefox. Sad to go, you used to be a great browser... but locking up like that is unacceptable. they need to cut out all the "features" and get back to speed and reliability with firefox.. until then, I'm moving to a new browser that my horribly out of date dual core 3.0ghz windows 7 laptop can run without pauses and freezes...


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