Converting to Ubuntu wrap up.

It's been a while. Well over a month now running Ubuntu on my wife's laptop. Short of some Firefox instability and a change to Chrome for her browser. to be fair, firefox is also unstable on my work windows 7 box and my OSX laptop, so it's a firefox failure not ubuntu. So far the laptop is nice and stable, only one issue that the filesystem needed to run fsck after firefox crashed hard taking everything including X down and she powered it off instead of doing a shutdown. Chrome and Flash work well together, all her facebook games work well. regular Games she is happy with, she found a lot of games in the repository that she enjoys... Crack attack is one of her favorites.

Some limitations, these are only app limitation not OS limitations.. No real decent photography management apps for linux. I really wish that someone would make a decent photo management and light retouching app for linux. Google did release Picasa for linux, and it is somewhat useful. I just wish there was a Aperture replacement.

Word processing is smooth as silk as well as all other office duties. OO.o is more than usable for word processing and spreadsheets. In fact many businesses are no longer paying the extortion fees to Microsoft for the regular Office upgrades that do nothing. Setting the apps to save as DOC and XLS solves all the problems with having to think about format.

The only outstanding issue is iPhone sync. I can not get itunes to run under Wine and sync via USB. and there are no linux apps that will sync the iPhone without jail-breaking it.

Overall ubuntu is perfectly usable for any regular pc user. it does everything they want as long as they can get over using appps that have a different name and slightly different operation. There is no excuse for staying with Windows for home use. and I personally would use it for work if the apps I needed for making money would run under wine or had replacements under linux.

if you are thinking of trying linux, dont wait, do it now. You wont regret it.


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