Lack of anything useful in Linux for Tablet computing.

I am back in the corporate world after my stint at a Start-up... I enjoyed the work but I need to be able to afford a decent apartment and basic components to life... I.E. food, car maintenance, entertainment.... So I'm back in the corporate life, but I want to do it my way with better data management. I got myself a Asus T91MT tablet/netbook. I'm using it as a tablet only with one-note for meetings and projects, even Microsoft project is pen enabled! I'm really enjoying this but I wish I could do this with Linux to deliver even better performance and simply to be different. So I went searching for the first time in 4 years for tablet computing apps for Linux. While Distros like ubuntu handle the hardware almost perfectly out of the gate, there are ZERO apps that are for tablet computing. nothing for PDF annotation, nothing for pen based Note taking, nothing to leverage the power of a tablet in a meeting or in a business setting. It's great for web-surfing, useless for social media (in tablet mode) and alas leaves a tablet PC as a glorified toy.

Linux software writers really need to create a better one-note and other pen enabled apps for Linux. I would also love to see photos apps or other items that are Multi-touch enabled as well, but Multitouch on laptops is still rare as hens teeth.

Until then, Linux stays off my tablet and I have to suffer with Windows 7 starter edition and the windows apps that will let me do what I want.

I really wished I could make my way back to linux on something I use day-to-day. But the laptop needs vertical apps that are windows only and wont work under wine...


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