ASus T91MT review

I got my hands on a Asus T91MT for using as a crestron Touch-panel at work. This comes with Windows 7 which is a shame.... It's DOG slow. My first steps to making it less slow are to remove a ton of the bloatware installed on the unit. There is a large pile of garbage software included. This all needs to go away to speed up the unit and give you space back.

It's built nice, as good as any netbook, and it stays in tablet mode well. Tablet mode is a low power mode. so things will run slower. youtube video is useless on this. Horribly choppy.

The screen is OK, not as bright as my Acer aspire one. which is a disappointment.

Asus should have sent these with XP tablet edition. It would have ran fast and worked well. This may be what I do to it if I cant get the speed of the machine up to usable.

It's not worth the almost $500.00 it costs. I would buy it for $400 though with it's shortcomings.


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