RANT: Vista64 incompatable with everything.

Ok, I gave vista a good shake. 6 weeks. And I hate it with a passion, specifically Vista64. It's incompatible with nearly everything. Almost NONE of the work software will operate on this thing. The last straw is that our backup software, the world class Barracuda Yosemite will NOT work under Vista64. I am tired of fighting with this. I know it's not Microsoft fault that the rest of the world will not support their OS, but they need to not force it down everyone's throat.

If you buy a new computer, be SURE it does not have Vista 64 on it. Demand Vista 32 so you do not have to fight with drivers, and software just not working.

I am done with it. Drive is getting formatted and I am going to install XP on this machine. It works, it does not cause issues with everything and honestly is a lot faster. I need to work and make money, not spend hours fighting with the Operating system