Bikes back together.... YAY!

It's technically been together for a week now. But I finally brought it home and finished the important round of work on it. Panels are all on, Brakes are fixed and brake fluid changed.

I have been worrying about the paint job. When working this winter painting everything It looked really good, then I got it in the bright sun and all of a sudden I can see flaws I never knew were there. Oh crap! But, after several people have seen the bike and all of them are going nuts over it, I'm OK. Yes it was my first paintjob ever done by me. Yes I had a great friend help hold my hand and help me get it done that was good at painting. It's still not a perfect show paintjob.

I love how it looks, I guess that's all that matters :)

Details: All the paint is lacquer except for the primer/sealer and the clearcoat. I used a primer sealer that is an epoxy base, then sprayed Firemist orange lacquer, black for the graphics with erriedes special effect in the black, followed by some red and yellow candy colorings from airbrushing. Then I sprayed a red and gold metalflake in a clear over all that. top it all off after sitting for a week with a urethane clear that is a new type that has a lot of UV additive and is harder than nails.

time spent - 100 hours. I still have some finish work to do to get it done-done.


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