Spring Motorcycle work

Spent the day covered in carb cleaner and gasoline. Ahh a wonderful thing. I'm finishing the repairs on the bike, rewired a few things and cleaned up others. Helped Steve get his bike fixed, we tore apart the carbs and cleaned it all up by hand. Put them back in and .... nothing... until we realized that the ignition fuse was funky. some sandpaper to clean the connector and my magical copper grease and it's starting and running like a new bike. Now he needs tires.

I got the Headlight problem fixed on my bike, upgraded the lighting systems and even rewired the speaker wires for fun. I got new loom to clean up all the wiring and a 136db bad boy air horn to install that will hopefully make more car drivers freak out or have heart attacks when they cut me off. Not looking fore-ward to the dumb car drivers, but glad I have a weapon that will fling the cellphone out of that persons hand by startling them even if their windows are up.

Cant wait to get the bike done. I still need to get it in to the shop for a trailer hitch so camping can be more enjoyable. but having a buddies 1979 classic running perfect for the first time in years is encouraging for this riding season.