REVIEW: Dell Studio 17" laptop

I had to do it. My old work laptop was getting old and I was outgrowing it. It still worked great, dont get me wrong. But I needed more in my line of work. The tiny 15" screen was too confining, the tiny compact keyboard was getting tiring to type on. Also many times at job locations I'm in a customers theater in the dark making programming changes. So a backlit keyboard was high on the list. I priced things out at and other websites and said nope. I cant justify paying $1200-$1500 for what I want. It stayed as a "someday" item on my list. Well this past week things changed. Super discounts at Staples made me think twice. I picked up this unit with Bluray, a full power dual core, backlit keyboard for only $699.00! cant get me even close to that price so I do not know why Staples had is significantly cheaper.

The cool part about this laptop is it's expandability. It can handle 2 hard drives inside it. Yes it's a massive laptop, but I'm into getting work done and not looking trendy. The Backlit keyboard makes programming in the dark easier, and the fact I can upgrade all the way to 8 gig of ram is unheard of! Everything about the hardware is great. I love it. But IT came with vista. I have to use Windows at work, I have not tried to live with vista for any extended period of time and It's proving to me that it really is the dog that I know it as. I currently beta test Windows 7 and it hands down kicks the crud out of Vista. Easier to use, faster, smarter design, less dumb things like vista is full of. I will stick with it for a while longer, but that retail copy of XP pro I have (and that license sticker that I refuse to attach to anything) are waiting for me if I need it.

The hardware it's self is nice, it still fits in my laptop bag which is a bonus. Also the claims online that the battery life stinks... I have been working on this thing now for 2 hours without charging and I still have another hour left.

If you want a laptop that gives you desktop feel check out the Studio line. Also watch for killer deals outside of dell.


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