The Economy caught up with me.

yesterday, dreaming of spring when I can finish my motorcycle and ride in the wind, Ren faires, overall getting away from the snow. Care free, took my wife out for lunch, bought my daughter a Xbox360, verified the appointment for the plumbers to finish $4800 in work in the house, everything was doing great. got home and the wifes car is there, She's not supposed to be home for another 2 hours....

Economic Downsizing got us! Well her specifically. They let her go because they cant afford a full accounting department. She was upset, I mentioned how she hated working in a hen-house. She worried about projects not finished at work, I mentioned that she does not have to worry about anything there anymore. I did my hardest to put on the happy face and spin it as a positive. They just paid for her Degree, Now she has it free and clear. She was working hard daily with more and more work piled on, I told her that now everyone else get's to feel what she did all day.

Our income is cut in 1/2. This is gonna suck in a big way because a couple of projects that need to be finished will not have the financing...

I was hoping to cruise on unaffected at least 1 more year so that my daughter would be graduated from high school and we could look for jobs anywhere in the US instead of being tied around here. Funny how the world ignores your carefully laid out plans.


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