Apple-Raspberry Apfelwein(cider) batch #3

With the apparent success with the last batch and recipe I am going to try something different. "old orchard" frozen Apple-raspberry 100% juice was on sale for $1.00 a can and I'm trying a different yeast based on recommendations from several people.

1 3-gallon better bottle cleaned and sanitized
10 cans of thawed juice
1 pound table sugar dissolved into water to make a thin syrup.
1 packet EC1118 yeast
3 campden tablets crushed and dissolved into the mixture at the end.

Same as before. I'm using 1 less can of juice because this stuff seems thicker/sweeter than the walmart cheapie apple juice. I dont want the mixture to be too sweet.

Started the batch today. Will pitch the yeast in 36 hours (monday night) to let the campden tablets do their job.

Initial tastes of Batch #2 were well accepted. It was sweeter than expected. but after bottling and giving a friend a bottle of what was left over on the bottom and it sat for a week, something smelled off. I'm going to uncork one bottle in another week to see if everything in the bottles is OK.

Notes from Batch #2 - I did NOT rack to a second better bottle at 4 weeks. I let it got the full 8 weeks in the same bottle. I will be doing the same this time except I will rack off to a second bottle at 8 weeks and let it clairify/finish for 4 weeks in the second bottle before filtering and bottling.

Notes on the wine filter. DO NOT FORCE IT. it will take several hours for it to filter. Dont get in a hurry and BURST the filter like I did by pumping. Let it filter and gently restart the filter when it stops with a little pump action.