Week later: Riding a motorcycle to work...

I have not been on 2 wheels for over a decade. So making myself use the bike instead of my car unless I have to was a great idea. I'm comfortable with the bike and I am learning it's quirks fast. Riding the motorcycle to work is a great idea. If you have bags to carry stuff and a backpack. These guys that ride in a crotch rocket must not need to carry much to and from work, or dont work in tech or an office. I carry a 50 pound backpack with my laptop and other items needed for my day-to-day office life. when I need to go to a customer site I can load gear into the bikes bags. My favorite part, I love that on my bike I can get around traffic easily. If there is a traffic backup I can easily divert and take side roads while most cars cant make the same snap decisions. I am comfortable when moving, stopped on the highway at 90 degrees (80% humidity) wearing a jacket and helmet plus having a 200 degree engine heat next to my legs is NOT comfortable.

Overall I really am happy with my decision. I laugh when I cant put more than $16.00 in gas into the thing even if it's empty and I try really hard. for commuting a cycle is the only way to go. Hopefully after lynne is used to riding, we will take it on a longer trip. That will be fun!


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