Secrets of the Lansonic DAS-750pro

Yeah, uncovering secrets of a long dead High end mp3 player is probably moot, but I have one of these things and will soon have a second unit, so my hacking to make it easier to control with Crestron needs to be documented. First they say you have to connect to the player with RS232 for control.... well they lie. you can connect to port 1966 and get the EXACT same control. telnet to port 1966 and send the commands as listed in the manual for RS232 and they all work fine. Problem is you CANT select playlists other than the ones assigned to IR 0 through 9 what a PAIN... it's like the guys at lansonic only really wanted to half-arse this thing... Maybe I'll rewrite the firmware one of these days to give it far better functionality.

Also if you want, you can control it in a wierd way. Telnet to it normally and then type "nedcast connect" and now you can type "play path/playlist" to play a specific playlist. stop, next, prev work in this mode, but it's completely seperate from normal control. The front panel will NOT show correct info. This can be used to play a single track playlist for an alarm.