Finally did it... Got me a Bad moto Guzzi. Well not really, I got me a motorcycle now. Riding with the bad crowd, on my mean looking Bike... Well, not exactly.

I DID get a motorcycle. I got a Yamaha Venture, 1983 fully dressed 750 pound 1200 cc lounge chair on wheels. I got it cheap because of the typical failures of these bikes and because I am a gearhead, that which costs others $1500.00 at a shop costs me $350.00 and a couple of winter weekends to fix it. I already polished it up, and changed the battery from 1993 that I killed last night listening to the AM/FM/Cassette radio on it while I cleaned it. $63.00 for a battery is not to bad considering the air filter is $40.00 and I'll be getting around 50 mpg with the thing.

Yes, I think this is my mid-life crisis. Turning 40 in 2 weeks kind of does that to you.

Time to shave my head, get a born to ride tattoo on the back of my head, and a leather vest covered in patches... nahh.

I DO plan on using this bike to reclaim the ability to roam with my wife. The cost to drive up to and all over the U.P. just came back to the price we paid 5 years ago. we can now afford to travel again... at least until gas hits $6.00 a gallon.

Still I grinned from ear to ear that a fill-up cost $18.95...

All of it's costs are worth every penny. It reminds me of the fun I had back in high school when I LIVED on my motorcycle. I would ride until first snow well into november and would get it out and on the road as soon as the streets were clear in march. I froze my butt off but loved ever minute. Today it's 90 and I'm out there sweating all over the thing making my list of things to fix or change and dreaming of when the wife and I can hop on and disappear for a weekend cruising the back roads to the north.