Fix your Dell alptop Sound recording.

Many dell laptops with the soundmax chipset will not do the audio recording because it's disabled. Why it's disabled is up to debate but I have a fix that is for free....

Found this on a forum website and have used it for the past 3 months. I forget where I got it, if it's your text let me know and I'll give you credit...

1. Download the SoundMax driver from Dell's website and extract it somewhere. Then open up ADIHDAUD.INF located in SMAXWDM folder in the driver folder.
2. Find the line HKR,AD1984\\Disable, OutR, 1, 01 ;; Disable Stereo Mix Capture Node
3. Change the "01" to 00 and save it
4. Run "setup" and select "uninstall" existing driver - reboot
5. Run "setup" and select "install" new driver - ignore the Windows XP auto install setting and ignore the "non certified" driver warning - reboot
6. Go to start menu > run > type: "regedit" [enter] (without quotes)
7. Click on "edit > search" and look for AD1984.
8. For each registry key/folder of AD1984, find the subfolder/key that says MicBP and OutR and change their associated binary values from 01 to 00. For some people, re-installing the driver in this fashion already produces a 00 while for others, the change must be made manually.
9. Reboot

Now the soundcard in your dell laptop works normally with no restrictions.


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