WebDT 375 Tips and Tricks

I just got my hands on a nice cheap device for experimenting. A WebDT 375 commercial Point of sale Windows CE tablet. Like most commercial tablets, it is missing almost all normal windows CE tools as well as all the Handwriting stuff. But I am going to use it as a cheap crestron touch panel. It looks nearly identical to the TPMC-8X that costs $3500.00 and runs Windows CE instead of Embedded XP but was far FAR cheaper.

Here are some tips... 1 - Windows CE or CE.NET 4.2 is NOT windows mobile 2000-2005 or pocket PC anything... It is it's own monster so 90% of the apps out there in freeware land will not work for it. I did find a .NET VNC client that works great though.

Other problem is that the world is empty of information on this device, so I will post any links or info I find here so others can actually do something with these tablets.

The orinoco Gold/Silver PCMCIA cards work great with this tablet. most 802.11g card makers are snobs and do not make drivers for CE 4.0 so sticking with 802.11b is where we have to stay. Orinoco's website has the drivers available. also installing the .NET framework allows more apps to run on this and makes it easier to write apps for it.


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