All done owning General Motors cars.

I have been a GM guy cince I was born. My dad worked in a GM foundry, my uncle worked in the GM lansing plants, my family is dyed in the wool UAW and GM. WE have always owned a GM car I personally have always owned a Pontiac. Loved GM, Loved Pontiac, Loved Oldsmobile....

Until now. I own a Pontiac Aztek. It's a great car/van. But The engine has an engineering defect that GM knows about and REFUSES to fix or do a recall for. The Head Gaskets are bad on most of the 3400 aluminum head engines. There are tens of thousands of people that have the same problem of head gaskets failing way before they shoud and GM simply tells us "sucks to be you" and flat out refuses to fix their problem. Add on top of that my car's computer "reboots" on a regular basis taking out all functions for 3-4 seconds. It even shuts off all lights including headlights if you are driving down the highway at night. The dealer wont fix it under warranty.

So, Here I am with a 5 year old car that has water in the oil from a failed head gasket, electrical problems and GM basically tells me to go away, my fault for buying their product.

Fine.. I'll never EVER buy another GM product again. Their quality has gone into the toilet and only will get worse... My 1986 FIERO is far more reliable than the Aztek.

Hear me General Motors? a lifelong owner is tired of your failure to stand behind your products. I am done. Never to buy another new GM, my daughter will not own a GM and I will make sure I recommend to others to avoid new GM cars and trucks. Screwing your customers is not a good way to make us stick around and be loyal.