pleasure with injury or, how to make life miserable for a few days

LAst week I learned that I am not a young man anymore. I was running up a flight of stairs and tripped (normal for me) and nailed my shin on a stair tread. IT hurt like hell and I worked through the pain like I always do. 3 days later I am unable to walk with my leg swollen, 5 days later it still hurts but not anywhere near as much and I have a red mark running the lenght and width of my shin. MY wife thinks the worst and wants me to go to the hospital because my leg will fall off. I think I simply did some major trauma directly on top of an old wound and I am learning that old people damage easy and heal slow. Some back story: I injured myself on top of an old injury from 20 years ago. as a kid I was a bit of a showoff and in the weight room I was leg pressing 900 pounds with one leg when my foot slipped off the pedal at the top of the press. the pedals slanmmed down really hard and broke my other leg (greenhorn fracture) as there was less room for my leg between the pedal and the seat as there was leg that was there. That one hurt like hell for 6 months and was still tender a year later, if I was playing a game of football with friends and got tackled just right it would hurt.

My daughter-in-law thinks I was bitten by a brown mambo spider (hmm no spider bites I can see) I think that being 37 is finally catching up with me. I dont heal like I did when I was 20. I injure easier so I guess running up and down the stairs in a construction site is not a smart idea for an old fart like me.

I am getting O-L-D and it sucks. You never see yourself as a old fart, I guess you take a mential picture at 27 and simply suprise yourself every morning with that stranger in the mirror. I dont mind age, I mind not healing as fast and not being able to be as active as I want to.

I guess that explains why the 21-23 year-olds look like they are 13 to me, It's that wierd relativity dialation vortex that old people get sucked into. Time travels faster and our view of younger people is distorted.

I think that is it. On this planet there is a 4th dimension black hole, it exists only in time and as we age we get closer to it and therefore sucked into it.

Either that or It's mad cow disease.