Craven in my Sanctorium

Ok I'm a bit overboard today with the dramatics. My first post as a non free man. Bound by the shackles of love! Yup, Lynne and I were married! It still has a bit of scariness to me as I have been married before, ok 2 times before, and both times the women changed overnight into hideous beasts of pain and gnashing of teeth. I am who I am and learned a long time ago that changing myself = sad Tim. So I am not changing, I dont ask others to change, why should I? Lynne and I talked about this years ago. She understand me and where I am coming from and I understand her. Nother of us have changed or want the other to change.... And that is the way it should be.

My past though was different. Both my ex wives tried to change me and I ended up very unhappy and not a person that anyone would want to be around. and deep down I am still a bit scared about that but I know that things are very different this time.

We were married at a Ren Faire. I was dressed as King, Lynne looked the Queen part very well and we had a Reformation type marriage with even a reading from the bible in latin! It was fun and everyone though it was a great idea.

I'm not so craven as I was a week ago, and my scantorium is still my safe place where I am comfortable to be me.


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