No more Comcast Cable

I dumped Comcast Cable and Internet last night. I recieved my first bill that is 5 days of april and all of May and they are charging me $250.00 for "basic cable" and Internet. HR made the change for my last day and I wass on the basic calbe and internet from the first day I was not a employee. I want to thank Comcast for a once last sendoff kick in the ass with their bill.

A buddy of mine told me that I should have switched to DSL and Dish BEFORE I quit because they will be trying to pull something. I was stupid and still had some semblance of loyalty to the service and figured they would not pull such bullcrap but they did. I do know that they have been screwing with VoIP services over the cablemodem for almost 5 months now and honestly the 6-meg tier of Cablemodem speeds are not any faster than the cheapest DSL simply due to the fact of how the internet works (Sorry kids but if the website you visit is on a T1 or lower speed connection, you get the lower speed not your promised speeds.)

So what did I end up with? Same channels as cable but clearer (Comcast has always had lousy analog lineup signal quality in my area with noise in some channels) and DSL at very close to the same speed promised as Comcast.

I am paying $38.99 for Sattelite and $32.99 for DSL compared to the $55.00 a month for CableModem and $50.00 as month for the basic expanded cable. I spend $73.00 a month instead of $105.00 a month. I could get even lower by getting the lower programming package and slower DSL and end up less than $50.00 a month for both including local channels. Oh the DSL company is not trying to get another $5.00 a month out of me for the modem either.

Granted, the Dish guys are as crappy at customer service as the Comcast people and DSL is the super evil Phone company. But it's a choice of the lesser of two evils and who ultimately is cheaper. I am saving over $30.00 a month getting what I feel is better service as my VoIP phone service is working perfectly now and I get clearer TV and I do not have to deal with a company that tried to screw me out of some money because I used to be an employee.

So you hear it right here folks. A Comcast Ex employee who left on good terms for better opportunities is reccomending to Drop them for the Dish and DSL. Comcast service is simply not worth what they are charging.

If they will try and screw me on the cable bill, what do you think they are doing to others?

One example of service problems Another one Another

I could link to other stories online for weeks on Comcast failings. As an employee I thought they were simply sour grapes, but I guess the grapes taste very differently when you get on the other end of the stick. I personally will be reccomending to everyone to not use Comcast for any services and I now work as a programmer/engineer/Installer for Home automation and home theatre design and deal with the very clients that Comcast drools over... They usually order 3-4 PVR boxes with HD and get the fastest cablemodem but never use it. Now when they ask I will politely say, "I reccomend that we go Dish and DSL if at all possible. It's simply a better value to you and offer's superior service. Rain fade is not a problem with a properyl installed and sized dish." A 32 inch dish replacing the it-sy 18 inch dish will more than double your signal strength and eliminate all the things they say are bad about the dish... and I have watched rain fade on Comcast... They get their Signals off of a dish as well...Ok a huge simulsat dish, but they can and do suffer from rain fade as well. And squirrel fade when the buggers chew through the cables, and truck fade when someone hit's a pole, or digs up a fiber connection.