Linksys WIP300 second review

I have lived with this phone for a while now and I can say that I reccomend that NOBODY buy this crappy phone. IT has almost no battery life. about 1 hour is the maximum useable talk time and it has to be charged nightly. Compared to my low end budgetone SIP phones the audio stinks, it has WiFi sensitivity problems and will break up at a moments notice... the budgetone is rock solid during these times. The phone also locks up requireing a battery removal to reset it or it will get "stuck" and not respond for about 30-60 seconds as if it was overloaded with processing. IT does this on a regular basis and has problems at times communicating and ending up unregistering from the server and losing it's DHCP lease. a laptop next to it has 100% signal strength and the accesspoint I am using has commercial high gain antennas giving me almost 500 feet of useable WiFi. only this device has problems even my wifi enabled mp3 player has no problems.

I really hope they fix these problems soon in a firmware release but I doubt it. The phone is really nothing more than a very cheaply built toy that underperforms badly even in the best conditions.

Do not buy the WIP300.