return of the Aireo Hacking

I fixed a friends Aireo to have 2X the FM transmit capability. I figured that there were others that would like this ability so I am posting it here.

First, this will destroy your aireo, cause global warming, drink all your beer, scratch your CD's and possibly violate hundreds of laws and ordinaces.

that said, what I came up with was able to overcome a local radio station when the aireo was 3 feet from the antenna. There are two ways of doing this, a permanent modification that requires soldering, and a removable modification.

First open your aireo, warm up your soldering iron and look at the back of the circuit board, at the top you see the two headphone jacks you are interested in the one to your right if they are at the top away from you. there is a solder pad on the left of this jack at the top edge of the board, that is where you need to solder a wire. I suggest about 3 feet in length of thin flexible wire. The other solution is to get a pair og headphones, hut off the wire at the headphones and then cut the barrel where the two bottom rings of metal are. you want ONLY the top ring to slip in and touch the "ground" connection but not trigger the switch in the plug to let the aireo know there is a headphone plugged in and disable the FM transmitter.

voila! you now dont have to fight with changing the FM frequency every 5 minutes.