Doodledoll, recording with the iRiver

A couple of quick updates. I am finally getting off my arse and fixing the website. I had to re-install all the software and rebuild the databases as well as sit down and recreate the site templates to fix the look and feel. I should have started this 2 months ago but I have not had time. oh well. adding a store section so we can sell the videos when they are available is a nice touch. my daughter is making some of the graphics for the site, so this will be a neat adventure.

My recording at the Michigan International Ren Faire was pretty sucessful. I recorded some great audio. I will have a smallish podcast to put online by the end of this week with some of the sounds of the faire... overall it records better than the minidisc recorded did and seems that it uses batteries very well. I am still on the battery that was in the package and it's only at 1/2 the battery used.


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