Why I wont buy Samsung Hard Drives.....

Being an IT guy for decades I know my way around parts. One thing I have been able to do for years is take a laptop or computer that was out of warranty and still get it's hard drive replaced. Dell has a 1 year warranty on their computers, but Hard drive makers typically have 3 years on the drive. I have been able to get Seagate drives that were OEM from dell in the laptop or PC replaced under the Seagate warranty period from Seagate.

This is not true for Samsung. They sell lower grade hard drives to Dell with a special Serial number set to make sure they do not hold any warranty on the drive at all.

This means that OEM Samsung drives are so low end that Samsung themselves will not warranty them.

Even Western Digital will warranty an OEM drive directly. I'm avoiding Samsung drives completely from now on. IF they will willingly sell low grade parts they don't warranty to OEM builders, then what else will they do?