End of 2007 - Predictions for 2008

Let's start the end of 2007 with a very SAD thing. The USA ranks with the former USSR and CHINA as the WORST offenders of privacy violations and watching it's citizens. Here is a link to the report and all the other countries in the world and how they rank.

Housing bubble is busting, the Overinflated housing prices are finally starting to fall (and have at LEAST another double digit fall to be at a correct level nationwide.) causing huge problems. Rampant unemployment with people who bought more house than they could afford and raising interest rates are starting the chain reaction. Car loans are starting to default (many people bough cars on wierd loans as well again overspending what they really could afford.) All of this is primed to trigger a major problem in the economy. Government "experts" are saying otherwise.

My 2008 predictions...
Further collapse of the dollar, end of 2008 will show us entering a new recession and unemployment will hit record highs in Michigan, Missouri and Florida. The ONLY business sectors that will thrive are alternative energy, the LED lighting companies and Solar energy companies will start to take off as the cost of manufacture drops. Hybrid cars will start to be less trendy as people realize that Total Cost of Ownership is higher than a regular car. Gas prices will hit and hover around $4.00 a gallon. Promises will be thrown about on E85 fuel made from corn, but the price will stay around the regular gas prices. The SUV will finally be out of favor for small sporty cars, but the Poor will only be able to afford the now worthless SUV's on the used market at bargain basement prices. New Home building will slow drastically.

Many promises will be made, a person will get elected as the USA president that will not be any better than the current President and we will still be neck deep in a armed conflict overseas that will further drain ourt country and economy.

Gloom and Doom for 2008, Simply expect more of 2007 just a little worse.

Oh the writers strike will got for another 8 months. Hollywood will start filming remakes of old movies without rewriting the old scripts, causing people everywhere to ask... "And how is this any different?" Expect more CG effects to distract you.